Manuscript Review

And the process continues… My apologies for my absence of late. I really should make more time for blogging and keeping up with the bloggers I follow, but finding the time has proved exceedingly difficult. It’s a wonder if I can even find time to read through my manuscript, which needs to be done beforeContinue reading “Manuscript Review”

Your Writing Needs This Pacing

Reblogged: This is excellent advice for all the slackers out there (myself included)! by Richard Risemberg There is one indispensable step to writing, and that is that you must sit down and write. This is technically untrue, and was not such a hard and fast rule in the ancient days: Homer, said to be blind,Continue reading “Your Writing Needs This Pacing”

Writing Your Pitch

In continuation to yesterday’s post, here’s another article which discusses tip to writing the pitch for your novel. Crafting a Novel’s Pitch: 7 Tips (Guest Column by Chuck Sambuchino) (This column excerpted from GET A LITERARY AGENT, from Writer’s Digest Books.) If you’re writing a novel or memoir, the most important part of the queryContinue reading “Writing Your Pitch”

How To Wage War Like A Roman…

Step 1: Think like Julius Ceasar. Step 2: Do not engage the Picts! Just put up a wall and be done with it! 😜 Step 3: Do not try to emulate the Romans (pronounced Womans) from Monty Python’s film, Life of Brian. “I had a vewy good fwiend in Wome called Biggus Dickus.” What youContinue reading “How To Wage War Like A Roman…”

Dragon Lovers Wanted!

To provide feedback on my first attempt at writing a scene with a dragon! I do not wish to post it here, except with a password. So, if anyone is interested in reading what I’ve got and giving me some honest feedback, please let me know! Personally, I like the scene, but I have notContinue reading “Dragon Lovers Wanted!”

How to Avoid Being too Wordy in Your Writing: Clause and Effect by Richard Risemberg   Do you love subordinate clauses? I know I do. And how about assonance and alliteration, rhythm and rhyme? Let’s face it: they can be as tasty as chocolate. But would you make an entire meal of just…chocolate? (Okay, whoever said “yes” please leave the room now!) Consider this a meetingContinue reading “How to Avoid Being too Wordy in Your Writing: Clause and Effect”

Tips to Help You Concentrate While Writing

Sharing, because we writers need more distractions to help us not get distracted! Lol! Actually, I love how the post starts out: saying we could just turn off the internet.  Anyway, here’s to squandering an entire morning’s writing session by goofing off and not even bothering to turn on my laptop! 😂

Screeching to a Halt

Well, I finally reached my limit! It’s not writers block, don’t worry. I’m just exhausted, mentally and physically. I’ve been pushing so hard to get through editing and revising each chapter. Now I finally get to chapter 6, which is the last thing I had been writing before deciding to begin revising previous chapters. So,Continue reading “Screeching to a Halt”

Creating The Iron Wood

This is a very difficult task for me. I can’t imagine why, as I have a special affinity for dark, creepy forests. I spent most of my childhood prowling the woods while dreaming up all kinds of fantastical tales! So, why am I getting so stuck? I think I need a vocabulary lesson of allContinue reading “Creating The Iron Wood”

How to…

…write dialogue in which two speakers speak simultaneously? I’ve got two characters whom I want to say contradictory things in the same instance. A little example: Hafr asks “What’s this about?” To which Hrothgar will say, “Nothing!”, while Dagmar exclaims, “I will volunteer!” (Or something to that effect. I can’t tell you what her actualContinue reading “How to…”