Success! I Have A Manuscript!

Much thanks to Hyperion (aka Dan) for all your help, especially for preparing my manuscript for me. I couldn’t have done it without you! Twilight of Yggdrasil, the Dark Realm is very near to becoming a real book! This is book 1 of a trilogy, for those who are new to my blog. Last stepContinue reading “Success! I Have A Manuscript!”

Your Writing Needs This Pacing

Reblogged: This is excellent advice for all the slackers out there (myself included)! by Richard Risemberg There is one indispensable step to writing, and that is that you must sit down and write. This is technically untrue, and was not such a hard and fast rule in the ancient days: Homer, said to be blind,Continue reading “Your Writing Needs This Pacing”

Reblog: Why We Need Clichés

Sharing, because I just really enjoyed this post, and hope you will, too! by Elisabeth Wong I write as the inspiration strikes. Inspiration strikes at random times of my life. Huh. Oh, and yeah, you probably did read the title of this post correctly. I mean for it to be in writing mostly, but IContinue reading “Reblog: Why We Need Clichés”