The Lore and the Elder Kin— Fact or Fiction?

I read a blog post recently that got me thinking. Well, I’m always thinking, although admittedly, it is more nonsense than anything else. Still better to be thinking my own nonsense than let others do the thinking for me. Anyway, back to the point. The post I’m referring to is Hengist and Horsa and the Anglo-SaxonContinue reading “The Lore and the Elder Kin— Fact or Fiction?”

Dilemma, Dilemma!

What to do? I am seriously considering adding a new thread to the tale, one which would involve all new characters, following their own subplot. These would be characters of Miðgarðr, so a big step out of the world of elves and dark elves. Now, there is definitely going to be a little breech betweenContinue reading “Dilemma, Dilemma!”


Yes, you tinfoil-hat-wearing nutters (you know who you are)! I need your help! Seriously, though, I really do need a little help which involves a certain conspiracy theory. I’m working on a concept that concerns the “shadow government”. Whether or not you believe there is a shadow government is irrelevant. The time has come toContinue reading “CALLING ALL CONSPIRACY THEORISTS!”