Writing Under A Full Moon

I don’t know if it means anything, although I’m inclined to believe that we are influenced by the moon and other celestial bodies, but for the last three nights, it has been a full moon. Not just any full moon, either. I noticed it the other night when I was riding my bike home fromContinue reading “Writing Under A Full Moon”


We have a DRAGON!!!!!  And something dead… 💀 Whew! What a relief! So glad that’s over with! Now I can get on with editing chapters 8 and 9 and then finally finish writing chapter 10. The war is about to begin!

Strange Coincidences

Today I have been further developing the second half of Chapter 5 of my book, in which I incorporate certain conspiracy theories that center around an elite ruling class of non-humans. Nothing new or spectacular in and of itself. I’m my book, these beings work from the shadows to enslave mankind, and one of theirContinue reading “Strange Coincidences”