Autumn is in the Air!

Richmond Park, London, England (Image: Getty Images/National Geographic Creativ) (Image: Getty Images/National Geographic Creativ) It must be the time of year, because I’m feeling all writerly again! My inspiration is gradually returning. In the last week I’ve started easing into a project I’m planning with a fried. We’ve been saving up all our ideas forContinue reading “Autumn is in the Air!”

Reblogged: “It says ‘Well-regulated’”

People keep making this ridiculous argument that the wording of the 2nd Amendment permits the government to put any and all restrictions on the possession (keeping) and carrying (bearing) of firearms (arms) so long as someone, somewhere is allowed to keep something, even if it’s only a tethered cork popgun. Any such restrictions are notContinue reading “Reblogged: “It says ‘Well-regulated’””

Thriving in the Summer Heat

Hi all! I just want to share with you a drink recipe inspired by Ayurveda to help you not only survive the hottest days of summer, but also to thrive! Cucumber-Lemon-Mint Infused Water What you need: A few slices of organic lemon, a sprig of fresh organic mint, several slices of organic cucumber. (I usedContinue reading “Thriving in the Summer Heat”

The 5G Apocalypse is Upon Us! I’m surprised more people aren’t talking about this. It’s been known for some years that the signals from cell towers are not entirely benign. I heard about a study done a while back where people in populated German towns who were experiencing frequent headaches and other problems were temporarily relocated to a place inContinue reading “The 5G Apocalypse is Upon Us!”

The Heathen Visibility Project Wanted to share this, because as a heathen, I know how to is not to be taken seriously. People think it’s either a joke (thanks Marvel) or that Northern polytheism is all about racism, which it’s not. For me, it’s about reconnecting with my roots, honouring my ancestors, and living harmoniously with nature. YouContinue reading “The Heathen Visibility Project”

It’s Not an Issue of Gender Inequality…

…It is an issue of society’s disconnect from that which is sacred. Since the coming of Christendom, and possibly even further back in history, western civilizations, in particular, have been in a state of spiritual decline. This has, in effect, cut us off from our higher awareness and left us desensitized to the spiritual undercurrentContinue reading “It’s Not an Issue of Gender Inequality…”