The Heathen Visibility Project

Wanted to share this, because as a heathen, I know how to is not to be taken seriously. People think it’s either a joke (thanks Marvel) or that Northern polytheism is all about racism, which it’s not.

For me, it’s about reconnecting with my roots, honouring my ancestors, and living harmoniously with nature. You could say it is an expression of my nature connection.

I’m not on Instagram, and have no desire to be, so I will just have to find a way to do my part via my blog.

Published by Jessica Urquhart

First off, who am I? My name is Jessica Urquhart. Writing has always been a hobby of mine, which got its start in middle and highschool, when I'd write short stories for the amusement of my friends and classmates. Currently, I'm working on my first book, my one true love of a story I've been saying I would one day write. Well, that day has come. If you'd care to follow my musings on the adventures and hurdles of writing my first fantasy book, then please, read my blog.

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