I’ve Crossed The Threshold!

Chapter 10 is now over 9,000 words, and the battle hasnt even begun! I might even have to split this into two chapters. This means my book is now over 81,000 words! So exciting! Yay! Now, can I please finish this in the next few weeks???

Prepare yourself, because when this is finished, you’re going to be in for some serious, fun, packed full of blood thirsty dark elves battling their way to death or glory, with a lively elven heroine to spice things up!


Image by Steve Argyle at deviant art. See link. (And what do I have to do to get a man with a body like that? Good gods!)

Published by Jessica Urquhart

First off, who am I? My name is Jessica Urquhart. Writing has always been a hobby of mine, which got its start in middle and highschool, when I'd write short stories for the amusement of my friends and classmates. Currently, I'm working on my first book, my one true love of a story I've been saying I would one day write. Well, that day has come. If you'd care to follow my musings on the adventures and hurdles of writing my first fantasy book, then please, read my blog.

17 thoughts on “I’ve Crossed The Threshold!

      1. Wait… What’s wrong with firemen? Am I missing something? Still, it just doesn’t get sexier than a dark elf! Haha!

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      2. Ha ha ha! Hot Firemen are in big demand but there just aren’t enough to go around. Somebody is going to get left out. So a good second source of suitable males is a good thing. I’ve got to look for a Dark Elf girl. My Mermaids and Water Nymphs are starting to get snatched up before I can get to hello…

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      3. Well, sadly, fictional fantasy character can’t just pop out of the page and join the real world in a very real flesh and blood sort of way. 😭 Why?! All I want is a little dark elf action over here! Is that really too much to ask?!?

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  1. I’ll buy your book, Jessica! Looking forward to reading it!

    But a couple of questions: do you really want a man with a tree trunk nether region?;-) Wouldn’t splinter be a concern?;-) OUCH!

    I wrote a four movement symphony, four years ago, and I can remember counting measures and keeping track of the time. Size matters in classical composition, too! It is 55 minutes long, by the way.

    Now i can kick the bucket!;-)

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    1. Oh my gods, I’m dying! Mental images!!! You have no idea what an overactive imagination can do to you! Lmao! But it’s not tree trunk nether region. I don’t think you can see the full image. I’ll try adding it differently. But you know, well polished wood doesn’t splinter… And weren’t there wooden dildos found in archaeological discoveries? I could swear I read that somewhere. Haha!

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      1. Methinks I know of no such objects, Jessica!;-)

        Too funny!

        Forgot about polished wood! But where do the double AAs go?;-)

        Never mind! I’m blushing!

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      2. Hahaha! Nothing wrong with a sense of humour! I guess it wouldn’t be any different than any other phallic toy. 😂

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      1. No too close, though! Not that interested! I’ll leave that interest for you, young lady!;-)

        Yep, I’m not as fast as I used to be. It’s almost time for “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!”;-)

        Thanks for making laugh, Jessica!


    1. Over 14,000 words on chapter 10 now! Definitely going to need to be split into two chapters, because I’m no where near finished yet! Haha!


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