Creeping Forward

If you’re new to my blog, then let me fill you in. I’ve been hard at work over the past year and a half on writing the first book to a fantasy story that has been on my mind for many years. It all started as a writing assignment in highschool, which I won’t go into here, as it’s been mentioned in older posts. The story is inspired by Norse mythology. The nine realms of Yggdrasil, the world tree, serve as the backdrop to the tale. What I’m not doing is writing a story about the gods, though sometimes they are mentioned in passing. My characters are completely of my own imagination, and any reference to the lore of the north or the gods is done with the utmost respect. Wherever applicable, I seek to stay in line with the lore, which will become more prevalent at a later point in the series. For now, I foresee this amounting to a trilogy, though I am open to the possibility of a longer series if necessary.

Currently, I am writing the final chapter of the first book. And slowly, slowly, it is starting to take shape as my heroine and her dark elven friends creep ever closer to battle. Now, she’s not the sort of heroine out to save the day. All she wants is revenge for her father’s murder, and she swore herself into the service of a dark elven king, who is an enemy of her people, for the sole purpose of achieving that goal. But her sworn enemy is also his enemy, and together, they will fight to defeat their mutual nemesis. However, this battle is only the beginning to a war that will shape the future of all the nine realms; a war that neither Dagmar or her dark elven ally have foreseen.

Now, you’ll have to forgive me for being a terrible blogger, but I promise, my book is of much higher quality than my pathetic attempts at writing blog posts! If you don’t believe me, just stick around for the completion of the book and see for yourself! Nearly there, now! 😉

Published by Jessica Urquhart

First off, who am I? My name is Jessica Urquhart. Writing has always been a hobby of mine, which got its start in middle and highschool, when I'd write short stories for the amusement of my friends and classmates. Currently, I'm working on my first book, my one true love of a story I've been saying I would one day write. Well, that day has come. If you'd care to follow my musings on the adventures and hurdles of writing my first fantasy book, then please, read my blog.

9 thoughts on “Creeping Forward

    1. Thanks! I’m always surprised to see that anyone actually reads my blog posts! Haha! I’m hoping the book with come out in both formats. Whether or not to go straight to self publishing or to a publisher first is still something I need to decide.

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  1. You have a delightful blog that informs, entertains, and the interaction is like a place for like minded friends to meet and discuss the many topics of interest. What could be better than that?


  2. Just stumbled across your blog and am enjoying it very much! 🙂
    Anything Norse mythology / Terry Pratchett inspired that features elves sounds wonderful! Can’t wait to read your books. 🙂

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    1. Hi Vera! I’m so glad you are enjoying my blog so far, and I hope my books will not disappoint! I, too, love elves, as well as Norse and Celtic mythology, and of course am a huge fan of Discworld. The first book of my series is almost finished! I’m on the last chapter, finally! If you’re interested in being a beta reader, I would be glad for your feedback. I do wish I could pull off Terry Pratchett’s wit and humour, but alas, comedy is not among my talents! At least I don’t think so. If anything I write is funny, it is purely by chance! Haha!

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      1. Hi Jessica, I’d be more than happy to do a beta read for you. I’ll drop you a note in your contact form so we can connect. 🙂
        I’m sure your writing is wonderful and I am looking forward to reading your work.

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      2. Thanks! That would be wonderful! Once I get the last chapter written and fine tuned, I’ll need to back through the whole book to do a self edit before I take the next step of professional edits. That will take time, but I don’t mind if you read it before I can get around to doing the self edit. 😊

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