Twilight of Yggdrasil – The Dark Realm, Book 1

FeaturedTwilight of Yggdrasil – The Dark Realm, Book 1

Dagmar, a young elven princess, accompanies her father on a voyage to a dark and dangerous world in the hopes of preventing war from breaking out between her people and the dark elves of Svartálfheimr, but the peace is broken when the elven chief is murdered. Dagmar, the only survivor of the massacre, is now stranded in a world full of enemies. Vowing vengeance for her father’s killer, she flees to the neighbouring kingdom and places her life in the hands of the most fearsome dark elf ever known. Bound by an oath to the dark side and seduced by the dark elven king, bloodthirsty Svartálfar will turn an innocent girl into a cold blooded killer who will stop at nothing to have her revenge, but will she lose herself to the darkness as each step she takes carries her ever further from home and the girl she once was, or will she become the light amidst the shadows?

So, what do you think of my series and book title and pitch? Does it leave you wanting more? Are you desperate to read my book? If not, tell me why.

Put Your Ghosts to Rest

With this post I will be encroaching on a sensitive and complex topic. Please try to be patient and understanding and read with open hearts as I try to convey in words my feelings and intuitions regarding an extremely delicate subject.

Before I delve into the depths, I wish to forewarn readers of possible triggers. Please understand it is not my intent to offend or hurt anyone, nor diminish the very real suffering and wounds of generations past and the burdens that we Americans carry.

America, as we all know, has a very dark beginning, even amidst the noble aims of many of those who fled to the new world seeking a fresh start. When our ancestors left their homelands, whether by choice or by force, it is safe to assume that many carried their baggage with them, thus perpetuating many of the evils they sought to escape, or suffered the ordeals of slavery, servitude, and abuse.

We all know that a large part of the American colonies were built upon the sweat and blood of slaves, but slavery is a far more complicated subject than we are taught. Not all slaves were of African origins, and not all slaves were treated equally. Nor were all slave holders the same. Some were truly vile, some simply benign in their ignorance. I do not mean to justify or condone the practice, so please do not mistake my meaning. I simply wish to point out that not all of African origins were victims, and not all of European origins were slave holders. In fact, only a very small percentage of Caucasian Americans were slave owners, but that does not diminish the irreparable harm that was caused to countless men, women and children, regardless of their ethnic origins. It was a great evil, and a great stain on our history. So was the genocide and utterly unforgivable mistreatment of the Native Americans. But we cannot undo the past. We cannot erase our history, as so many people now seek to do.

However, there are wounds to be healed and much work to be done, but I feel quite strongly that it is not the sort of work that most would expect. It is clear that we carry the burdens of our ancestors, whether they were victims or the transgressors, as do all people the world over. With he exception of those elders who may have endured the degradation of racial segregation and prejudice and the consequences of such treatment, or those who may have been the perpetrators of such atrocious deeds, current generations had no part in these things. We are neither responsible nor the victims of America’s darker history. I do not mean to say that we have solved our our problems. We certainly have many ailments and wickedness to remedy in the States, but not on the scale experienced by past generations.

Rather, I believe we have countless lost souls still waiting to be put to rest. Many of you may scoff at such notions, for we live in an era that seeks to deny all but the material existence and the spirit that resides in all lifeforms. For hundreds of years, westerners in particular, but also many other people throughout the world have had their indigenous way of life stripped from them, often through force, cruelty and violence, and it still continues to this day in those parts of the world where indigenous people still exist. We have been robbed of our connection to our ancestors, to the realm of spirit, and of our roots. We are many people adrift in the world, lost, just like the ghosts of past generations. If we do not rectify this, we will never overcome all that ails us.

It is time to put our ghosts to rest. Whatever your beliefs regarding the afterlife, whatever your religion, or lack thereof, please, recognise the needs of these lost souls to find some peace. Guide them home.

Good place to start, is with the loved ones you still remember who have passed on. Where you feel a connection, there your work will be the strongest. Acknowledge them, honour them, and raise them to their rightful place as your honoured ancestors. Whether they lived a good life or not, whether they suffered or committed terrible deeds, offer them the kindness they did not receive in life or that they did not deserve in life, and let them be cleansed of their troubles. Remind them, that whatever they experienced in life, their story has ended and a new chapter has begun. Invite them to guide you, so that you will neither repeat their mistakes, nor find yourself suffering the same fates they experienced.

It is time to open our hearts to the inexhaustible ocean of love that lies within the depths of each and every one of us. We only have to want it enough to seek it.

If your ancestors may have participated in the abuse of the victims of past genocide, slavery, or discrimination, perhaps finding some way to make amends on their behalf to both the living and the dead would help. Speak to your ghosts, put them to rest and acknowledge them as your ancestors, and explain to them how such things were wrong, and that you do not condone their deeds. Only then, make amends on their behalf.

For those of you who are the descendants of disenfranchised peoples, victims of mass transgressions, let you ghosts know that their suffering need not continue, that the worst has passed, so they can be at peace. Then guide them home to their place amongst your ancestors, with love. Speak to them, and express your wishes to offer forgiveness on their behalf, so that these wounds can heal, and you and future generations can be free of such a heavy burden. For none of us can move forward into a future of peace and prosperity so long as we carry burdens of history upon our backs.

It is time to heal these wounds and move forward with love and forgiveness in our hearts. We cannot undo the past, but we can all learn from it and we can grow, but only after we have put our ghosts to rest. So long as we are haunted by troubled, lost souls, we can never be free.

In closing, I truly hope my message comes across as I sincerely intend it, but if I have opened up pain in anyone’s heart or caused anyone unintended offense, I offer my sincerest apologies. My only wish is to help all of us to heal and make this a better world that when we came into it.

May we all ne blessed with lives filled with love and joy!

I’m still here…

I’m still here…

Hanging over the edge of the disc! The view of the Great A′tuin and the four elephants riding on her back is spectacular! Don’t be surprised if I’m not back to my writing and blogging anytime soon. It’s very easy to get distracted out here!

Seriously, life has swept me up into its torrential current, leaving me with very little time and energy to work on my writing projects. But now that winter is here and my baby is seven months old and crawling, hopefully things will settle down enough to at least get the first book polished up and ready to go.

Please stay tuned!

Autumn is in the Air!

Autumn is in the Air!

Richmond Park, London, England (Image: Getty Images/National Geographic Creativ)

(Image: Getty Images/National Geographic Creativ)

It must be the time of year, because I’m feeling all writerly again! My inspiration is gradually returning. In the last week I’ve started easing into a project I’m planning with a fried. We’ve been saving up all our ideas for over a year, and it feels like the time is write.

Is it just me, or do other people get that creative energy as autumn approaches?

Under Pressure

Under Pressure

What does it mean to be a writer? How do you see yourself? How do family and friends see you? How does everyone else see you? What do you do when the motivation to write isn’t there? Or when your creative energy produces less than a page of words?

I have good days and bad days. Some days I’ll get on a roll and hammer out page after page. All my energy goes into each word and I’m flying high. Other days, I have a goal to write, turn on the laptop, get settled in, look at the screen, then shut it down. Nope, just not happening. Then there are days like today. I do a little work, get some files organised for a project. It isn’t much, but it’s something, and I’m ok with that. Then someone comes along and accuses me of doing nothing. When I show my work, little as it is, and try to explain myself— “Excuses!” Yep! That’s all it is! Just excuses.

I’m sure most of the writers on here will get it, and probably even have methods for dealing with the lags in their creative process. But for me, it’s no good if I try to force it. I have editing to do, and yeah, I can do that. But it’s not like the thrill of creating, and my life is pretty overloaded right now, so I’m not feeling it.

Anyway, judging me or putting pressure on me is not the way to motivate me. Get me engaged and excited about something. Get me talking and sharing. Show some enthusiasm and so will I. That’s how to motivate me.

Reblogged: “It says ‘Well-regulated’”

People keep making this ridiculous argument that the wording of the 2nd Amendment permits the government to put any and all restrictions on the possession (keeping) and carrying (bearing) of firearms (arms) so long as someone, somewhere is allowed to keep something, even if it’s only a tethered cork popgun. Any such restrictions are not an “infringement” because “well-regulated.”

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Summer’s Bounty

Summer’s Bounty

I’m way behind on my gardening. The garden beds are overgrown with weeds, and there are seeds to be collected for the next season’s planting. However, the beans are thriving in their garden jungle! In fact, it is quite urgent to get them harvested before the beans get any bigger. There are tomatoes and pumpkins growing amongst the beans, compliments of our compost.

Harvesting the beans was my top priority, so with the help of my new roommate, we got most of them picked, except for the ones too high for use to reach (we are both very tall. I’m 5’10” and Jen is a couple inches taller). Then we took a stroll through the greenhouse where I have a section for my own use. There were vine ripened tomatoes, summer squash, and coriander seeds. There are also peppers, but I’m not in any hurry to pick them, since I’m not ready to use them. I can’t wait for the tomatillos to be ready so I can make salsa Verde.

Thriving in the Summer Heat

Thriving in the Summer Heat

Hi all! I just want to share with you a drink recipe inspired by Ayurveda to help you not only survive the hottest days of summer, but also to thrive!

Cucumber-Lemon-Mint Infused Water

What you need:

A few slices of organic lemon, a sprig of fresh organic mint, several slices of organic cucumber. (I used half a small cucumber.)

Add ingredients to a water carafe or large bottle, fill with cool, filtered or spring water, shake well and let sit in the refrigerator for a couple hours.

Sip and enjoy throughout the day to hydrate and keep cool!